Ying Da Li Tan Tieda Yao

Ying Da Li Tan Tieda Yao

Ying Da Li Tan Tieda Yao is an ancient Shaolin Monastery herbal formula that is prepared as a liniment and applied to injuries both acute and chronic related to the bones, tendons, ligaments and sinew.

Ying Da Li Tan Tieda Yao
Authentic Ying Da Li Tan Tieda Yao (Iron Palm Kit)

Iron Palm Liniment is often confused as being Dit Da Jow and you will sometimes see advertised Iron Palm/Dit Da Jow as being one liniment, they are distinctly different in how they heal you can read about Dit Da Jow and how it works here. You can use them together if you wish for a supercharged healing combination when the need arises.

Our Ying Da Li Tan Tieda Yao Iron Palm kit is authentic, and is the same formula used by the Shaolin Monks and has been past down from their lineage. If you want to break bricks, coconuts or you want to condition and heal your body from hard training then this kit is for you.
The formulation is designed to help heal and strengthen, bones, ligaments and tendons as well as connective tissue. To break objects you must train hard and condition yourself properly and use a superior Iron Palm Liniment before and after training. Our customers tell us we have the best liniment kits online.

Each kit will make up to 144 ounces of authentic liniment, this is dependent on how large your glass jar is. Your kit will be ready to use in as little as 4 weeks if you follow our instructions that are included with each kit or watch our video on how to prepare.
All herbs used in the kit are pesticide and chemical free plus all the herbs are handled with care and kept refrigerated for freshness and to prevent insect infestation.

If you are in any contact sport where your arms, legs, hands are making repetitive contact , this a must to prevent any arthritic condition later. Our hardcore Iron Palm practitioner customers swear by this formula.

Like our Dit Da Jow it must be soaked in a GLASS jar with vodka for an extended period of time, minimum time is one month. It must be stored in a dark cool place. The longer it sits the stronger it becomes.