Is Dit Da Jow Safe? Read This Before You Buy!

Is Dit Da Jow Safe? Read This Before You Buy!


Before you buy any Dit Da Jow make sure it is packaged in a glass bottle. If It is plastic then the answer to the question”Is Dit Da Jow Safe” is NO! Any authentic Dit Da Jow that is in plastic will leech out all the chemicals from the plastic right into your liniment which can cause harm over time as the chemicals are absorbed into the body.

Your Dit Da Jow will not be safe, it will become contaminated and who wants to take a chance with that. The plastic chemicals entering your bloodstream should be avoided at all costs. A recent STUDY showed plastic can leech more than BPA and you must take caution when using liniments packaged in plastic bottles.

Dit Da Jow is made with a blend of unique herbs and soaked in a alcohol base. These herbs are extremely powerful when it comes to healing but also powerful enough to disintegrate plastic.

How can I Purchase Safe Dit Da Jow?

It is not unheard of to see a plastic bottle with Dit Da Jow develop a whole and the liniment just leaks right out. To prevent poisoning always purchase your Dit Da Jow in a glass bottle or better yet make your own at home.

You can purchase a Authentic Dit Da Jow liniment kit which consists of all the powerful herbs which are then soaked in vodka or gin. You can use a pickle jar or a Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Canning Jar Italian – 5 Liter
jar to soak your herbs.

Dit Da Jow

A gallon size jar or larger is recommended since these kits can make over a 128 ounces of liniment. Of course you can use less alcohol and you have a stronger liniment.

After the herbs have soaked for a minimum of 4 weeks you can remove some and place in a small glass jar for daily use. The longer the herbs soak the stronger the liniment becomes. Many people have had their Dit Da Jow for years soaking and it like a miracle healing liniment.

Making your own liniment is fun and very cost effective plus you have complete control over everything, insuring it will not become contaminated. You can also share it with relatives and friends knowing they will be using safe Dit Da Jow.

One of the most reputable places to purchase a Dit Da Jow kit is East Meets West Intl. With over 26 years supplying authentic liniment kits and Chinese Herbal Formulas you are guaranteed the best and most authentic kits online today.



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  1. Yes this is very safe for external use only and works very effectively on bruises and sprains.

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