Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow

Most people have never heard of Dit Da Jow or can even pronounce it. But it has been around for over a thousand years in China, healing people of pain and bruises. It is, a blend of Chinese herbs generally 14, these herbs are combined together and soaked in alcohol preferably Vodka believe it or not, for months or even years.

Dit Da Jow

This liniment is applied to any injured or bruised area and it somehow heals the area and makes the bruise disappear quickly. This was discovered by the Shaolin Monk herbalists to help heal injuries sustained in training or combat. You can order Dit Da Jow online already made, but it is best to order in kit form and make it yourself.

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If you do buy Dit Da Jow already made, make sure it is packaged in a glass container. Authentic Dit Da Jow packaged in a plastic bottle is no good since it will leach out the plastic chemicals from the bottle and make the Dit Da Jow worthless, and possibly hazardous, always use GLASS.

The theory behind Dit Da Jow and its amazing healing powers is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). When someone sustains an injury, the Qi is blocked and blood cannot travel properly through the injured area, hence pain and what they call blood stagnation. Dit Da Jow opens up the flow of blood and Qi to promote healing, plus some of the herbs in the formula take away pain and discomfort.

I have seen it take bruises away in less than a day, just amazing stuff. This also great for people who bruise easy, besides healing the bruise it strengthens the underlying blood vessels so you don’t bruise as easily next time. If you train in any contact sport or just bruise all the time this for you.

The best way to use Dit Da Jow if you are training in the martial arts is to apply some to the areas of the body that are going to make contact, let’s say if your punching a bag or makawari apply some to your hands prior to training like 20 to 30 minutes, then apply some more right after training, just enough to fill your palm should be sufficient. If you are kicking a bag then apply some to your shins and apply enough to cover, the contact area.

For the everyday person who bruises easily apply twice a day morning and night on the areas you need. I have found it is best to apply and let air dry instead wiping it with a cloth, this will allow for more of the Dit Da Jow to penetrate the skin and help the healing process.
Another trick to making a very powerful Dit Da Jow is to store your glass jar in a dark cool place out of sunlight, the sun’s rays will weaken the liniment significantly, so a cabinet, pantry or closet is the perfect place. It is also important to shake the jar several times a week so the herbs don’t stay settled at the bottom. Hundreds of years back a clay pot was used and it was buried in the ground for several months and in some cases for over a year before it was unearthed and used.

The longer the herbs sit the stronger it became, back at that time they used rice wine, since vodka was not available so sitting for a longer period was beneficial.

In Martial Arts, styles like Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muy Thai, Karate and Tae Kwon Do where there is plenty of contact this liniment is used extensively. Dit Da jow is also great for people who bruise easy or people who suffer from varicose veins. Try it for yourself and see. Go to https://eastmeetswest.com

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