Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm FAQ

Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm FAQ

Why is it so important to use glass to make the Jow?

Glass will not leach out any chemicals into the liniment like plastic containers. Chemicals like BPA (bisphenol A) will contaminate your Jow which when applied on the skin will be absorbed in the body. New studies are also showing a estrogen like hormone that leaches out of plastic containers and therefore will be absorbed in the body.

Is Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm Liniment essentially the same thing?

That is a very common question and the answer is no. The reason many people think it is the same is that a lot of kits are sold claiming to be Dit Da Jow but are sold with the intention that it is for Iron Palm training. They claim to harden bones and strengthen ligaments but authentic Dit Da jow is for healing bruises, contusions and trauma type injuries(blood stasis, blood stagnation). The herbs that comprise Dit Da Jow are different with the exception of a couple of herbs that crossover into the Iron Palm liniment.

If Dit Da Jow is for bruises then what is Iron Palm for?

The herbs used in a Iron Palm liniment are designed to heal, minimize pain, prevent future bone and joint problems and strengthen Bones, Connective Tissue, Sinew and other areas where there has been repetitive contact. A good example would be punching a heavy bag without hand wraps and gloves. Constantly punching the bag like this will cause problems like pain and soreness and in the future problems like arthritis, also if you wish to develop Iron Palm Power you must bring Qi to the hands and protect them at the same time. Iron Palm Liniment is designed to do all this and more.

Why is it better to make your own liniment instead of buying a pre-made one?

The main advantage is the huge savings, making your own Dit Da Jow liniment will cost you approximately .60 cents per ounce and less if you already have a glass jar. Another advantage is you are in complete control of the process in making your own Jow and it is fun to make. When purchasing a pre-made liniment you must make sure it is packaged in glass and that it is made from a authentic formula. When you make your own liniment you control everything from start to finish and are using a fresh authentic herbal kit that you can see and smell to start the process.

Do I need to practice Iron Palm training to use the Iron Palm liniment?

No, any training where you are making any constant repetitive contact using any part of the body would benefit using the Iron Palm Liniment. Iron Palm liniment helps strengthen bones, tendons, ligaments and sinew. It also helps prevent arthritic conditions by eliminating dampness in the joints.

I read you can use the double soak method or heat up the alcohol before adding the herbs to make a better Jow, is this true?

I have done it both ways and have not noticed a big difference in the strength of the liniments. But it will not hurt the liniment by doing this and if you want to try these other methods we can can give you some tips to follow. We have found that the more you can shake the jar the stronger the liniment will become in a shorter period of time.

I read that if want to use the Iron Palm Liniment and the Dit Da Jow together you can, is this accurate?

Yes you can but it really depends on a few things. First if you are just treating a bruise, sprain or you banged yourself with a hammer then just the Dit Da Jow would be sufficient. If you were punching or kicking the heavy bag or even speed bag training then the Iron Palm should be used. Now if you are doing a combination of sparring, bag training, rolling on the mat practicing BJJ then both liniments can be used.

If I use both liniments together which one is applied first?

Iron Palm first wait a minute and then apply the Dit Da Jow, the reason for this the herbal constituents in the Dit Da Jow are a little tacky and will lock in the Iron Palm liniment.

I have also found combining a few ounces of each liniment together is great for recovering from a hard workout where there has been a lot of full contact type training.

Are the herbs you use organic?

For the most part yes, some herbs are wild crafted and no chemicals are used in any way and come under the wild crafted classification. We also store all the herbs in airtight containers and keep them refrigerated ensuring freshness and no insect infestation. All herbs are chemical free and handled with the utmost care.

I read that all kits are made fresh, what does that mean exactly?

It means unlike other suppliers no kit is pre-made and sitting, waiting for a customer. When you place a order your kit is made fresh for you. The order is placed in queue and then when your order is up it is made and shipped the same day, generally if you order on a Monday it is shipped Wednesday. We notify you when we receive your order and let you know when it has shipped, if you use Paypal to pay then we notify them and they notify you.

Do I have to make the liniment once it arrives?

Yes and no, we recommend you do especially if you open the package, if cannot prepare your liniment when it arrives place in the freezer without opening the package until you are ready.

If you do open the package and cannot prepare your liniment, seal it up like you received it and place in the freezer. This insures you do not lose any potency from some of the aromatic herbs .

We package the herbs so they do not lose potency in transit or if you cannot prepare right away, placing in the freezer helps maintain freshness if you cannot prepare right way. If you can’t place in the freezer do not worry the herbs are packaged to retain their potency.

You recommend Vodka, can I use anything else?

You can use Gin if you wish but Vodka works best. 40% alcohol and 80 proof is what you want to use. Grain alcohol or Everclear while good for extraction evaporates to fast on the skin to allow the herbs to be absorbed. While there are ways to get around this, it is easier just to use Vodka.

I really want to use right away, do I have wait months to use?

You can use in as little as 3 weeks if you shake the jar a couple of times a day for 2-3 minutes each time, this really speeds up the extraction process. In 3 weeks you can take a little out to use but we still recommend you shake the jar as often as you can to continue the extraction process and guarantee a strong Jow.

Do I have to grind up the herbs in either kit?

No, we send you the herbs ready to pour in your jar. Some herbs are ground to a powder and some are not. There are some herbs that lose some potency when ground to a powder and cannot be extracted properly, so we take the guesswork out for you making it very easy to prepare.

Do the kits make exactly one gallon?

Either kit will make up to 144 ounces, but since a lot of people only can find one gallon glass jars we recommend making a gallon. Of course you can go the opposite way and make only half a gallon and the liniment will be more concentrated and stronger but you will be making less of it. So depending on the size jar you have and how much you want to make will determine your output.

Can you ship to other countries?

Yes we can, we have a lot of customers in Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia and other countries. Germany is the only country we have had problems with. If you live outside the USA send us a email with what you would like to order and we will give a total price with shipping and handling.

Can I use a Carboy or Demijohn glass container?

Yes, it takes a little more patience to add the herbs since the mouth of the container is small but it can be done as long as you take your time.

Do I throw the herbs out and strain the Jow in 12 months?

No, the herbs will always stay in the jar. The herbs never totally lose all there constituents even after sitting for a few years, that is why the Dit Da Jow gets stronger with age. Besides the Jow getting stronger another benefit with leaving the herbs in the jar is at some point you will run out of liniment and just have the herbs in the jar.

So a nice trick if you are going to make a second batch is to order a second kit and add that to the jar with herbs from the first batch. Now you have two kits in the jar, just add the alcohol and your second batch will be stronger than the first.

Also the herbs in the jar can be used as a poultice for serious injuries. They can be scooped out and wrapped in a gauze or cheesecloth around a injured area.

How do you apply these liniments on the skin?

The liniments can be applied with your hand or with a cotton ball. When applying on the upper part of the body always go in the direction of your fingertips, lower part of the body go in the direction of your toes, this follows the pattern of your Qi flow. Use enough to saturate the area and let it air dry and use as often as you feel necessary.

Does the jar or container need to be airtight?

Yes it does and that is important, first since the alcohol will evaporate if it is not airtight and second you will need to shake the jar so it must be sealed good, either a twist or clamp down lid is sufficient.

Are these formulas based on any lineage?

Yes both formulas are Shaolin based and 100% authentic and referred to in the book Shaolin Si Mi Fang Ji Jin which in English means “Highlights of the Shaolin Monasteries Secret Formulas”.

When pouring in a smaller jar for daily use, do I have to strain it?

No, straining is not necessary, it is good to have a little sediment on the bottom of the bottle, just make sure you shake it good before applying.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and of course Paypal. If you use a Paypal link to order you do not need a Paypal account and you can use any credit card to complete your order. If you purchase on our Web Store you can use the above mentioned cards or Paypal to make your purchase. All credit card information is secure and all information you give us is confidential.

Can these liniments be taken internally?

No, these liniments are for external use and are not to used internally. If you want a internal Dit Da Jow look at either ChinKoo or Tieh Ta Wan, we have these on our Web Store.

Can I use Dit Da Jow for sore muscles after weightlifting?

Yes, probably the best kept secret out there is Dit Da Jow repairs the micro tears of muscles better than anything out there that can be applied to the skin. After weight training you have what is called delayed onset muscle soreness also referred to as DOMS, small little micro traumas to the muscle. To speed up healing apply the Dit Da Jow to those sore muscles and the soreness disappears fast, promoting faster muscle growth and strength.

I have been buying Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm for years and was wondering if the amount of herbs given in the kits is sufficient for me, I’m a big guy.

Great question, most recipes use the original amounts of herbs from lets say 500+ years ago, for example you will see the herb Hong Hua in a recipe and it says use 9 grams, well that was fine back in the day but today we are bigger, stronger and faster. To offset that we use more herbs than what was used back then so we would use 30+ grams of Hong Hua 3 times as much to insure that you have a liniment that will work for you. Our kits are larger than what you will find at most online sites.

Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm FAQ

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