Bak Fu Pai Dit Da jow

Bak Fu Pai Dit Da Jow

Bak Fu Pai Dit Da Jow Liniment is a blend of Chinese Herbs used for hand conditioning that you can produce at home. Bak Fu Pai is the White Tiger style of Southern Chinese Kung Fu.
Bak Fu Pai Dit Da Jow
Each liniment kit will produce one gallon of liniment. All that is needed is a GLASS jar and Vodka, that is it. This kit would be considered more Iron Palm in nature than Dit Da Jow as we discuss below.
Bak Fu Pai Dit Da Jow Iron Palm liniment hardens the bones, reduces inflammation in the joints, reduces pain, renews the sinew and conditions the hand for striking. This formula also breaks up blood stasis and invigorates the blood reducing pain and swelling.

Even though this is considered Iron Palm, this formula has abundant Dit Da Jow properties for bruises and trauma type injuries and can be used if you cross train in various martial arts.

To prepare this kit just add the Bak Fu Pai herbs into your glass jar add your Vodka seal up your jar and shake twice daily for a couple of minutes for 3-4 weeks. You can use any jar that can be sealed airtight and is at least a gallon or larger in size. A large pickle jar will work or anything similar. A popular jar that can be purchased on Amazon is a Five liter jar made by a company called Bormioli. This jar has a clamp down style glass lid that seals very tight.

How Does This Kit Help?

If you practice Iron Palm or are training to do the coconut break then this is a liniment to consider. This liniment was used by Grandmaster Doo Wai himself years ago. I know this first hand since one of my Chinese Herbalist mentors made this frequently for the Grandmaster in the 1980’s.

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This is not recommended for people under 16 years of age and is not to be used during pregnancy.
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